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Bridge Studio News
May 16, 2021

As part of the Bridge Studio’s reopening, the Unit has decided to offer some incentives for you to get out and play. All games the week beginning Monday, May 17, will be half price ($5.00). It is my understanding that you will then receive a coupon or something for an additional free play but as of now, I am unsure how it works.

Bear in mind that you must provide proof of vaccination and be at least two weeks beyond your final injection. No Exceptions! The CDC has recently approved indoor maskless gatherings if EVERYONE has been vaccinated. Masks may still be worn if you choose.

Please note that the Saturday game is at 1 P.M. (not noon as I previously reported--sorry).

The Tuesday evening game is limited to non-masters only. If there is enough demand, Tim will have two sections—one of which will be for novices. All other games will be one section until business picks up.

So—put down the TV remote, shove aside your bag of Cheetos, take off your pajamas and slippers, get dressed, comb your hair and come on out of your doomsday zombie bunker and play REAL BRIDGE with REAL PEOPLE!! No robots allowed.

Seriously, aren’t you ready to rejoin the world? Everyone is vaccinated at the Studio. You don’t have that assurance at the grocery store or anywhere else. We look forward to seeing you.

The Bridge Studio

Apr 29, 2021
Please note that the Saturday game has moved to 1:00 p.m. from Noon. All weekday games are still at Noon.
Apr 27, 2021
Just a reminder that the Bridge Studio will be opening ALL of its games starting THIS Saturday May 1. We hope to see you here.
Apr 26, 2021
AS a reminder, we are pleased to announce that we are the FIRST KANSAS CITY LOCATION to have applied MICROSHIELD360.


This proprietary permanent coating system creates self -disinfecting surfaces that work 24/7 to reduce and eliminate pathogens.
This product is approved in the EU for viruses as well as bacteria. It is approved for bacteria by the FDA and is awaiting approval for viruses.
Cleaning the table or any surface it has been applied to will NOT remove the coating. It is PERMANENT!
This has been applied to all tables, chairs, bidding boxes, bathroom surfaces, kitchen area surfaces, file cabinets, blinds, and more. Basically, everything you can touch has been sprayed (including door handles). Not the bidding cards and not the playing cards. We were concerned the spray would ruin the cards and it is just impractical to do so.

Apr 26, 2021
IMPORTANT NEWS FOR PLAYING AT THE BRIDGE STUDIO: You must provide proof of vaccination to play (we are working on a list of people who have shown proof so they don’t have to bring their vaccine card each time but be patient). MASKS are required until the City and County say it is not necessary for indoor gatherings.
Apr 19, 2021
Good News to Unit 131 Studio Players

Recently we (Club Directors & Lee) have contacted many of you and received excellent feedback in the early going about the return to Face to Face Bridge at the studio. Many have grown tired of being all cooped up, and are ready to get back out again. Although the responses back have been quite encouraging for the most part, we do have to face the reality that not all people who used to play will be returning.

There are still some various concerns: some will only play if everyone is masked, some will play only if they don’t have to wear masks, some want to require vaccination cards from all players, some want to wait until next year, etc. We understand your concerns and are doing all we can to alleviate them. The studio has been open since August, and there have been no cases of Covid19 to date.

Masks are required at the Bridge Studio for now until we receive guidance from the CDC. New studies reported in the NYT from medical centers in Dallas, San Diego, UNC and UCLA have shown that infection rates after the two shot vaccination is extremely rare (less than one tenth of one percent) and those who were infected had mild or no symptoms. As of today, none of the variants were responsible for re-infection of fully vaccinated people with the two shot vaccines.

As for the Bridge Studio, this year has been different due to the Covid-19 and the fact that the studio was not able to conduct in person beginner classes to recruit new players as we have done in the past. This puts us all "behind the curve" as we try to reopen. The reason this is significant is that we need to be back to full level by mid-year (That's not far from now) in order to able to keep the studio financially viable and affordable to keep going, and it takes lots of tables each week to do that.

Lee’s landlord generously granted us free rent but that runs out at the end of June. They previously said that the free rent would end when the vaccine is widely available. If attendance at the Bridge Studio is not up to break even by mid June, we will close.

There have been bridge centers in the KC Metro since 1957. Lots of life Masters and other higher ACBL rankings have originated at our local bridge centers, and if we are going to keep face to face bridge at the current studio location, with all the conveniences it offers, we all need to get out and play as much as possible, and encourage others to do the same.

If we should fall short of what's needed, we would have to find other facilities to play, and finding one to have the daily availability, adequate parking, janitorial service, the ability to have evening and weekend sessions, and lessons without incurring additional charges has been hard to find.

Our current location is a good central location for most people, and we need to keep it if at all possible.

As you all know, Lee and Tim have been teaching bridge at the studio for over 30 years, and have taught literally thousands of beginners. The local sectional and regional tournaments would not be profitable without these beginners and intermediates filling the novice and non-master sections.

The Directors at the studio are independent contractors who work for themselves, and are here to serve you. We must all work together if the studio is going to survive. Either we all work together, or it is not going to work at all. Our best chance, and maybe our only chance, is to make what we already have work.

Tim Hays,

Shawn Tate,

Bob Lane,

Liz & David Rhea

Lee Goodman
Aug 9, 2019
Twice a year the Bridge Studio offers six FREE BEGINNER BRIDGE LESSONS geared to the Absolute Beginner. These lessons begin on the First Monday evening in March and the second Monday evening in September.

More information, including how to sign up, will be posted here approximately two weeks before the lessons begin.

HOWEVER, the September session is canceled due to COVID. We await the possibility of an available vaccine before deciding on the spring sessions. Sorry.
Nov 25, 2018
In the event of a major winter storm or tornado warnings in the spring, game closings will be posted on this website one hour before the start of the game.
Sep 6, 2016

Oct 7, 2015
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