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Aug 14, 2017
The Bridge Studio announces FREE Beginner Bridge Lessons

The Bridge Studio will offer a series of SIX free lessons geared to the ABSOLUTE BEGINNER. While people who haven’t played in years may use this course as a refresher, it will be aimed at someone who has never played bridge in his life.

The class will cover basic point count, opening notrump bids and responses, opening suit bids and responses, basic declarer card play and more.

INSTRUCTORS: Lee Goodman and Tim Hays

FIRST LESSON: Monday, September 11, 2017, 7:00-9:30 p.m. and continuing for six consecutive Monday evenings.

LOCATION: The Bridge Studio 7115 West 95th Street, Overland Park, Ks

PREREGISTRATION is a must: Call Tim Hays at 816-361-8558. Leave your name(s) and how many will attend on the machine. Or e-mail Tim at
Jul 11, 2017
I would like to thank the following players who gave up their Monday evening to help welcome the beginners from my recent series of classes to their first duplicate game. They cared enough about the future of bridge in Kansas City to give my beginners a very positive experience at their first duplicate game.

David Rhea, Nona Dorsky, Baruch Kaelter, Saul Gitomer, Terre and Tony Andresen, Don Stack, David Tanquary, Jeanne Kyte, Theresa Griffin, Dee and Joe Johnston, Jack Spear, Tory Billard, Geoff Friedman, Robert Olson, Mary and Arnold Nelson, Trice Massey, Kimberly McCollum, Victoria and Bill Muir, Jim Urich, William Hoge, Shawn Tate, Becki Stasi, Robert Lane, Joe Burnell, Dixie Wantoch, Carl Shipley, Randy Klein, Barbara Waldron, Dick and Karen Stahlhut, Mary Reynolds, Maxine Tarson, Gay Ransey, Carolyn Debiak, Dorothy Johnson, John Craig, Charles Devoe, Susan Swanson, Peggy Schmiedeler, Sandra Mollinario, Alan Hierseman, David Braverman.

Tim and I came up with this idea a year ago—to have experienced players sit NS while the beginners sat EW. After the round was finished, the experienced players would encourage the beginners to play duplicate. They would tell them that everyone started out as a beginner once, that duplicate players are really friendly, the game is very social, they met loads of their friends through duplicate, etc. This idea was very successful last spring and WILDLY more successful this time.

I had always been disappointed that so few Unit Board Members showed up but Robert Weaver really nagged the Board for me to show up and more members showed up this time. Thanks to Robert.

There were 42 beginners at the Monday beginner graduation tournament and 6 pairs showed up the next night for the Tuesday evening novice section. Plus 2 or 3 more pairs said they would come next week. This is amazing. This is triple the usual number we had been getting to try duplicate and double from last spring when we first tried this idea. This idea seems to really help the beginners overcome their fear of duplicate better than anything I had come up with in the past (namely, exhorting and nagging).

Now we have to hope that they get hooked, keep playing, join the ACBL and strengthen our Unit.

Again thank you all for helping out and helping a new generation of bridge players get started. Your time was greatly appreciated.

By the way—I will need you guys and more this fall for the next group of beginners so please come out again.
Jun 19, 2017

The Bridge Studio is offering 6 lessons geared to the Intermediate/Advanced Player wishing to improve his skills and ascend to the next level. Lessons may be purchased individually for $10 apiece. All classes are on Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m. and will last approximately two hours. No reservations are necessary. Just arrive by 6:50 for each class to enroll.

June 26—New Minor Forcing—Shawn Tate

July 3—How to Steal Tricks--Shawn Tate

July 17—Declarer Play to Take More Tricks—Putting Dummy to Work,
And I Don’t Mean Partner—Don Stack

July 24—Bridge Tips to Remember For Life—Don Stack

July 31—TBA—Tim Hays

August 7—TBA—Tim Hays

Sep 6, 2016