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Welcome to the website of the Kansas City Bridge Studio, Kansas City's premiere Bridge Club. We offer daily games, lessons and special events. We have sessions for all levels of play from novice to expert. We hope to see you soon!
Bridge Studio News
Feb 1, 2016
The Bridge Studio offers a set of 6 free Beginner lessons twice a year beginning the first Monday evening in March and the second Monday evening in September. More information and how to sign up will be posted on this website approximately 2-3 weeks before classes start.
Oct 7, 2015
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Sep 26, 2015
The Bridge Studio is pleased to announce that Shawn Tate has taken over the Monday Noon game from Tim Hays.

Shawn has just finished up his military requirements and is in the process of moving to Kansas City along with his wife Kayla and his six year old son Derrick. Shawn is not only a certified director but he is a professional bridge player and is available for play dates and private lessons.
Feb 24, 2015

The Bridge Studio is very pleased to announce that Carol Calkins is now the owner of the Friday day game and that Tim Hays is now the owner of the Monday day game. As everyone knows, both of them are highly competent directors and manage their games at a very high professional level.

Carol would like to inform everyone that the Tuesday and Friday game will continue with a light lunch through the month of March but both games will go to snacks only beginning April 7. She also wishes to inform everyone that beginning April 7, the Tuesday day game will start at Noon.

Tim would like to inform everyone that the Monday game will start at Noon beginning April 6. Tim would also like to inform everyone that beginning Monday, March 2, lunch will no longer be served and only snacks will be served.

I know all of us are very happy to see that both of Sue’s games will continue to be in such good hands.